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[http://www.freshthought.com/jenesuispasdave/?p=84 Alfred Extension: Open in BBEdit]
[http://www.freshthought.com/jenesuispasdave/?p=84 Alfred Extension: Open in BBEdit]
'''Source(s):'''  [http://www.downloadranking.com  BBEdit and other apps    solutions]

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BBEdit works great with all kinds of other apps. Here are links to blog entries with instructions on how to improve your BBEdit workflow by pulling other apps in (or improve your workflow by pulling BBEdit in!) research essay

Using Dash.app for BBEdit's Find In Reference functionality

Go To Here in iTerm2

Marked.app preview for BBEdit (yes BBEdit has its own Markdown preview, but you might like Marked.app instead)

Alfred Extension: Open in BBEdit

Source(s): BBEdit and other apps solutions