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A package is a collection of the sort of things you’d place into ~/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/ to extend BBEdit, such as clippings, scripts, language modules, and text filters; but makes it easier to install such items when they are all related to a single type of task, rather than having to manually install and manage items spread out between different folders.

User-created packages (alphabetical order)

  • Bootstrap Clippings and scripts and things for people working with Twitter's Bootstrap.
  • Better Tongs Scripts and text-filters that aim to substantially improve your movement and selection abilities when writing prose in BBEdit.
  • Django A package for Django (Python) development
  • EditorActions Duplicate/Move Lines, smart indenting and more
  • Elixer Tools for the Erlang based functional language Elixir
  • Email Tools for writing email inside of BBEdit
  • Git A package to make using Git with BBEdit easier
  • HTML Write HTML in BBEdit? Useful tools in this package
  • LaTeX LaTeX tools and utilities for BBEdit
  • Markdown BBEdit Markdown extension package: scripts and text filters for transforming to and from HTML and a couple helper functions for lists and link references.
  • Opinionated Package
  • Monkey Package with useful tools for the Monkey programming language
  • Pandoc Scripts to make working with Pandoc
  • Puppet Syntax highlighting, code folding, and resource clippings for Puppet
  • R Scripts and things for working with the R statistical computing tool
  • Ryan's Ruby on Rails package Write Ruby on Rails in BBEdit? Take a look at this package.
  • (All) Source Code languages Useful utilities for programming, no matter what language.
  • Zend Framework A collection of scripts, clippings, etc. for people working on Zend Framework projects.